credit and thanks

A Performer’s Perspective Design, Research, and Implementation Team:

Shannon Cuykendall - Director and Lead Researcher

Theo Wong - Lead Designer

Omid Alemi - Data Visualization Developer

Ethan Soutar- Rau - Data Visualization Developer

Linda Nguyen - Front End Web Developer

Thecla Schiphorst - Advisor

Special thanks to Karen Cochrane, Jules Françoise, prOphecy Sun, Katerina Stepanova and Sunny Zhang who offered their support and expertise during the physiological data recording session.

Videography and Photography:

Reese Muntean - (studio performance photos, and videographer for the research team interviews)

Rachel Ward - (videographer for the studio performance, data recording session, and the performers’ interviews)

Chris Randle - (theatre performance video and photos)

Evelyn Kuang - (designer and animator of improv annotations)

Marina Khvan - (Recording session photos)

Alex Waterhouse Hayward - (Judith's headshot)

Jane Osborne (Bevin's headshot)

Alanna Milanney (Antonio's headshot)

The Fine Line ~ twisted angels production credits:

Choreography: Judith Garay

Dancers: Vanessa Goodman, Bevin Poole, Antonio Somera

Video Design: Flick Harrison

Lighting Design: John Macfarlane

Costume Design: Margaret Jenkins

Music: Patrick Pennefather

Theatre performance video courtesy of the Vancouver International Dance Festival (VIDF) 2014 and executive director of VIDF, Jay Hirabayashi.

Funding and support by SSHRC, movingstories, Dancers Dancing, the SFU School of Interactive Arts + Technology, the SFU School for the Contemporary Arts, the SFU Faculty Art + Communication Department , and in kind donations from Shannon Cuykendall, Theo Wong, Omid Alemi, Ethan Soutar-Rau, Linda Nguyen, and Evelyn Kuang.

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